Company Profile

Cars4Greece is in car rental business since 1986.

Our experienced and specialized team is addressed to every tourist who wants to explore Rhodes Island with safety, comfort and some tips to organize better his trips.

“When we entered Tourism in 1986, we wanted to give tourists something that was missing. And that was the vehicle to enjoy their vacation safety and comfortably.” M. Archagelitis

Freedom is our vehicle

Freedom is our goal and the reason to rent a car for your vacation. The point is to feel free to go wherever you want, to discover more in fewer days, to enjoy the experience.

We aim to offer you this freedom based on your needs, at an affordable price and most importantly, in the easiest way!  

Renting a car at Cars4Greece it’s easy, as we bring you the car of your choice at your place (airport, port, hotel). There are no «hidden charges». Our agreement is the same from the beginning to the moment you return the rental car to us.

Why to choose us

  • Trained and experienced team
  • We deliver cars throughout Rhodes Island
  • We have a rich range of cars
  • We have competitive prices
  • We enhance your experience on this Island with local secrets, in order to have an even more beautiful time

Plus Services

  • 24hr roadside assistance
  • Free delivery and pick- up from where you are
  • Tips for exploring Rhodes Island
  • Full insurance package
  • Child seat and everything else you need for the safety of your family